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Confidence comes from being prepared


"Dwight was able to give me a way to structure my responses that I could apply to every interview question. He was able to point out different ways to look at the questions which was extremely helpful to find examples in my life that applied to the questions."


"If you are thinking about applying for a fire department I would contact Dwight for help immediately. His knowledge will only help you prepare better going forward."


"Working with Dwight was extremely valuable to my preparation for an oral board. I was specifically impressed by his ability to help me articulate my life experiences. He didn’t change anything about me but he helped me frame my skills in a way that would score me higher in an interview setting."

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Hi, my name is Dwight Killpack.


A little about me...  I have been a career firefighter for the past 10 years and a paramedic for the last 6. I live in Colorado with my family and work for a medium sized department in the Denver area. I am passionate about the fire service, training, and teaching.   I love the outdoors and try to spend as much time as I can hunting. I also enjoy freediving and spearfishing and have traveled all over in purist of big fish. I was very active as a young person and I pride myself on being healthy.  In my adult life I have competed in powerlifting and Jiujitsu. My family lives on a small farm with horses and llamas. Send me an email and let me know how I can help you achieve your dream of becoming a career firefighter.  


Phone:720-525-7081   /

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